Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Camp week

This week the year 4's from Joy's , Brenda's and Rosie's class are having a week helping us with our cooperation skills. While the year 5's are out on camp. Here are some photos of what we've been doing.

Tuesday Water day: Joy is teaching us some skills for when we are in the sea. We are learning to hop in the raft and flip of the end. We both have to go in at the same time or the raft won't balence correctly.
Something that went well was forming a circle so the helicopter can see us.
Water day: in this photo we are having a water fight. The main thing we are doing in this water fight to help us with our learning is sharing . But we had a problem and we couldn't get the pipes for the bunch of balloons and we problem solved by getting an adult. Feelings- COLD

Kids republic - in this photo we are all playing together and using the equipment correctly.
We were all sharing that whole time. Feeling - hot and happy

Tuesday Construction day -  in this photo we are using the imaginz and we built a stall.
We were all sharing and working together. We had to listen to each other's idea. Feelings - proud of our creation

Monday Bledisloe park - in this photo we are working together to make a dam while we had free time for lunch.Our social skill was sharing. It was challenging lifting up all of the heavy rocks.

Wednesday art day - in this photo we have our finished product of inlarging small pictures to make them bigger. We also made little pixies and a mural in the library and put our pixies on the mural. we made our pixies out of leaves and petals. Something that was challenging was getting the inlarging right or half of the head would be bigger. Feeling - frustrated 

Friday camp out day - in this phot we are drinking milk and singing in a circle. We had scavenger hunts and we had s'mores and pizza for lunch. Izzy , Libby , Ava , Sofina , danika, Mikaela, juliette and I all slept in danika's tent. We were all sharing things in the tent. Feelings - happy

We all had loads of fun !!!!!!

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