Monday, 25 July 2016

My holidays

" I can't wait to get there " I said. When we got there it was all happy hugs and love but at the end it all turned upside down, you'll see at the end of the story. We mucked around and talked for a while. Then we got into it at started practicing. Come on Eva and Kate lets do this. So we started a plan to get it right and we sort of  made it up along the way so we made a better plan. After that we wanted a brake so we randomly started drawing. " Girls you better hurry up , Lydia's mum is coming soon". Said Mia. Then we stared to panic, we recovered and got back to it. But then Evas Ipad went flat so we had to use mine." Oh no " we all said. When we finally finished and stared putting into the Imovie, my iPad ran out of storage I went out of Imovie without saving the movie and I deleted the videos for the music videos except for the ones that hadn't been put in and when we went back it said MISSING VIDEOS!!!!!Then my mum pulled up, we faked cried , my mum tried to fix it, we rang nic , couldn't fix it , fake cry some more. Then Mia yelled out " PIZZAA "!!!!! We all ended up happy and then I had to go home. "Bye" I said . " Bye " they said. THE END 


  1. Your ears look great and in real good condition from year 2. Can't wait for Tuesday to shot it again. Are you still wearing the same outfit because I am?

  2. Yes, I am wearing the same costume