Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Buddy Olympics day

We are Hungary to win, Hungary , Hungary, Hungary. Today was buddy Olympic day
Here are some things we did:
We were all rearing to get started. I couldn't wait
This is the boat challenge. We had to blow the boats to the fi wish line with a straw. I was very proud because I won a race twice and got a lollie.
This is the egg spoon race. You were supposed to go to the first pole a walk around it and keep going to the last pole, but I forgot to go around the pole so I did it on the last pole. I also go to look after a little buddy of Blake because he wasn't her but it was ok because didn't mind.
This is the piggy back challenge. My buddy didn't want a piggy back ride so I held her hand and she basicly was pulling me through the course. It was fun. I also got to piggy back Nikita it was ok when we got started but when we were coming back my pants were starting to fall down
This is shotput. We had to get the bean bag in the bulls-eye unfortunately we didn't get it. It was enjoyable though because every minute we were laughing and graving a good time and that's what its all about 

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